Saturday, January 12, 2008

Visit to Canisius High School, Chikuni

I just returned from a two-day visit to Chikuni which could be consisidered the home of the Jesuit ministry in Zambia. The above pictures are of Canisius High School.
  • The upper picture is of Jim McGloin, SJ, Ron Hidaka, SJ and myself. Jim is the socius to the Provincial, a former Provincial and now the Acting Provincial during the General Congregation. Jim, a Butte native, started at Gonzaga with me in 1962. Ron is originally from Tacoma, also served as Provincial and is acting Rector at Canisius and bursar of the school.
  • The middle picture shows some of the playing fields with the young men cutting grass as part of their duties for keeping the school in the excellent shape. There are 700 men students at the school in grades 7-12. About a two-thirds of the students are boarders so they have hostels, a large kitchen, dining room, and playing fields for the students. The school has strong academics and they currently have eight Jesuits in the classroom.
  • The lower picture is of the newly renovated buildings. Ron Hidaka, SJ is responsible for this renovation and the school is very attractive. The Jesuits mentioned that many are very surprised to see the quality after driving off the main road over dirt roads to arrive at the Chickuni mission.


mutembo said...

this is very impresive it almost looks as good as it is.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, mr Harris.
I am very happy to have seen your post on the web. In fact, I have been looking for information about Canisius School at Chikuni since several years. I tell you why. My aunt was a sister and a teacher there in the 60s and 70s. Two years ago she died and I have had since then the willing to get in touch with someone having met her in Chikuni. Just to get some memories, stories... about her. Could you please put me through with someone in Canisius, able to help me? Thanks in advance for your kind help, it would be very nice if it was possible...

Sofia said...

Dear Sir,
I understand you've visited this school and maybe you are in contact with people there. My school in amsterdam is trying to contact this school to be involved in a project... Do you have an email address or a telephone number I could use? thank you in advance for your help, it's really appreciate it!

Joop said...


I think its the project of the International school, isnt it? Im the guy you met at ur school ages ago regarding that project.

Im in zambia now and going to meet that teacher. Will inform u ppl on the details when i get back.

Joop said...
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Joop said...
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Big Guy said...

Father Jim McGloin SJ taught me religious education and chemistry 30 years ago at Kitwe Boys Secondary School. I have periodically tried to get in touch by searching for him on the net. Have always found mention of him but never a picture or an email id.

Your post brought back a lot of good childhood memories. I am now a Chest physician working for the Indian Air Force.

Would be grateful for Father McGloin's email id. Thanks.


(Wg Cdr AS Paul)

MKuruvilla said...


Reading your blog and seeing some of your pictures of Canisius has brought back a wave of memories. I lived in Chikuni for about 6 years and I've always thought of them as the best years of my life. My parents, Mr and Mrs Kuruvilla were teachers at Canisius. I was delighted to see a picture of Fr. Hidaka, who was a friend of the family and taught my sister at Canisius. I am hoping to make a trip there this year. A number of names (teachers at Canisius, Chikuni Primary and Charles Lwanga) come to mind...Mr. Sikaulu, Mr. Nyanga, Mr. Muma, Mr &Mrs Ngangula, Sr. Aileen, Mrs Sidono, Mr Chibinga. If you have any information about any of these people, I would be greatly indebted if you could pass some information on to me. Best wishes, Dr. M. Kuruvilla, Manchester, UK

maimbo said...

most of the people you are looking have since passed on, Mr and Mrs Sikaulu.
i know Mr Chibinga is retired in monze, Mr Muma teaches at the Catholic University at Kalulushi, Copperbelt.

Samuel M. Mkandawire said...

I am happy to see Fr.Jim. Macgloin( Our Ecclesiastical Assistant for CLC). He still looks fresh.
I also want to commend Mr Himpyali B.C. (current headteacher for Lwengu School in Monze). He did his secondary education at Canisius, become a teacher at Canisius, then H.O.D, Deputy headteacher and finally Headteacher for about 14 years. He has a unique, rich and successful history for Canisius because so many people have passed through his administration.

Martin Nalishiwa. said...

yes. mr. kuruvilla taught me general science in 1982 when i was in form two (grade 9 now). father hidaka taught me additional mathematics. any news about mrs. maliekel? she taught me mathematics in 1982. i came to like the subject because of her approach to it and i went on to become an engineer. i would like to know her whereabouts. martin s. nalishiwa (Canisius 1985).